What Is a Hormone? - Facts and Tips for Staying Healthy

Testosterone, Estrogen, Insulin. You’ve most likely heard of these hormones and you may even know, on a basic level, what they are and do. But what is a hormone really? What happens when they get out-of-whack? What can you do about it? Read on to get the answers to these questions, expand your basic knowledge, [...]

10 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

10 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar In 2003, the average American consumed around 142 pounds of added sugar per year! This statistic, which comes from the US News and World Report, rose significantly in the years prior to 2003 and it continues to rise. Although sugar is sweet and delicious, the results that come from [...]

How to Get Rid of Arm Flab

Don’t you hate it when you raise your arm to wave at someone, and your arm flab keeps waving after you have stopped? This wasn’t a problem in the winter when your jacket kept things well hidden. Now that the weather is getting warmer though, your sleeves are getting shorter and smaller. This means no [...]

Help - I Can't Lose Weight!

It’s that time of year again when people start making plans to lose weight. But did you know that seven out of ten people fail at their weight loss attempt each year? This statistic can be a very frustrating and not very motivating. The question is why? Why do so many people fail when attempting [...]

Your Best Body: 5 Ways to Get There

Having your best body is about more then being skinny. It’s about being healthy and feeling great! Sometimes just the thought of starting a new wellness program can seem so daunting though.  Many have so many rules or restrictions that you feel tortured instead of liberated! Fortunately, you can make simple changes in your life [...]

How to Lose Weight While Watching TV

Work, school, family, social activities – sometimes it may feel as though your schedule may seem like the most hectic and stressful program on the planet. However, with all the priorities and demands on your time, you can always find a few minutes to catch up on the latest episode of Modern Family or It’s [...]

Making Cardio Fun


Doesn’t it surprise you that kids exercise for fun without realizing it? They never stop running or jumping or swinging from the ceiling, and all their energy goes toward keeping their body healthy and strong whether they recognize its worth or not. Rather than telling them to settle down and read a book, join your [...]

3 Popular New Years Resolutions

New years diet

Around this time of year, we would generally work on a new year’s resolution. We make a list of things that we want to change and want to do and hope to keep them. However, these resolutions often do not make it to February- let alone the year! Here are a few very real and [...]

Ways of Avoiding Stress during the Holidays


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is a common phrase heard throughout the holiday season. Unfortunately, most people do not feel that way about the holidays. Instead of the holidays being a time of joy and merriment, they are instead a time of hair pulling, crying, and a lot of stress. And yet, [...]

A Glimpse into the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome


“How curious,” says Alice on Disney’s famous Alice in Wonderland. Little Alice sees things in a very different way in her Wonderland- the plants and flowers are bigger than her, a caterpillar is the size of a horse, and a cat disappears as quickly as it appears. Another thing Alice faces is the constant growing [...]

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